KETAKO GROUP – who we are?

KETAKO GROUP is a developing harmoniously-operating business communication system between the East and the West – between Japan and Europe. We unite a number of various European companies to achieve the effective use of their advantages, to share their experience and to expand boundaries of their business possibilities.

KETAKO GROUP establishes and controls companies in other European countries, helps business companies to maintain productive collaboration with Japanese manufacturers and their representatives.

The main business activity of KETAKO GROUP is wholesale and retail trade in organic cosmetics and hygiene products made in Japan: from Japanese baby nappies to luxurious cosmetics, from daily children’s soap to organic textiles. Meticulously selected goods are intended for the Japanese market following the highest standards, but we are confident that European consumers also deserve “future” products.

Valuable partnership

We have been developing business with Eastern countries for 15 years by now. Strengths of KETAKO GROUP:

  • strong direct relations with Japanese manufacturers and their representatives;
  • successfully functioning business system based on the experience, specific knowledge, rational and optimised solutions of businessmen representing various countries;
  • meticulously selected products developed at the result of a number of scientific researches and application of patented innovative production technologies.

KETAKO GROUP has managed to overcome language barriers and obstacles of different cultures, successfully passed the labyrinths of different ways of thinking, accumulated lots of immaterial values. We are ready to share this experience with the companies that are not afraid to face challenges and that aspire harmonious business development.

Fundamental values of KETAKO GROUP

Successful business is fair business. We develop our activities following high standards, our objective is to ensure that European consumers have access to the best products helping to lead cost-effective and environmental life.

The team of KETAKO GROUP bases its activities on three key values:

  • openness to new inventions, ideas, quality improvement, business system improvement;
  • respect to suppliers, business partners, final users and the entire surrounding environment;
  • high standards that we apply, first of all, to ourselves, people we are working with, and products which we use in our households and proudly recommend to all European residents.


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